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When I get asked to sum up the core of my work, in two words its “Authenticity & Artistry”. I believe there is beauty in everything, and I’m fortunate to combine my passion for love and creativity as a Wedding Photographer. It is my Zen. It is my Ikigai.

At times, some couples say to me that we’re not photogenic to which my response has always been “if you take a terrible photo of a Sunset, does that mean the sunset itself is not beautiful?”

My love for my art aims to inspire, from the intricate displays of emotion, to the depth of every subtlety allowing you to captured seamlessly on camera. I want to manifest and bring to light the vision to your love story, the inbetween moments, all in all – the little things.

If you are looking for someone who is all about capturing the unique, perfectly imperfect things that makes your relationship whole, I think we might just be the perfect fit. Having photographed South-Asian Weddings across, Australia, United States & India I bring an extensive level of global experience to each wedding that I photograph. 

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