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Top South-Asian HMUA's in Sydney

If you're planning your big day and are unsure of where to start your search for the right HMUA for your South-Asian wedding, then this blog post is for you. Having shot over hundreds of weddings across Sydney, I've met a multitude of hair and make up artists that have all delivered beautiful bridal looks across multiple South-Asian cultures.

1. Fareha Bridal Studio

Name/Brand Name: Fareha Bridal Studio Mobile: 0425808624 Contact Form Link: Instagram: fareha_bridal_studio Website: Established 2002 Fareha been serving the south Asian community of Australia for the last 20yrs + from pre social media age when the only means of advertising was magazine advertisement or word of mouth. I did my first bridal glam incl Henna, makeup and hair in 2003 and have never looked back since. I found the whole process Of being able to satisfy the clients and make their day a little more magical to be so rewarding. Speciality: South Asian Bridal Looks for every type of client being bold, simple or just in between. Services: e.g. Makeup, Hair styling, Dupatta draping/ styling.

2. Gather & Stich Beauty

Mobile: +06 402836011 Contact Form Link: Instagram: @gatherandstitch_beauty

Location/Studio: Western Sydney

Gather and Stitch is a passionate, fun and creative company that, since its beginning in 2011, has rapidly gained a reputation for being one of the best in the business. Gather and Stitch Beauty’s professionally qualified team of Makeup artists and Hair stylists will work with you to create your vision, staying on trend as well as being true to who you are. We provide a professional yet personal touch for your special event and we are known for being one of the friendliest companies around. We cater to all skin tones and nationalities, using products that are globally recognised and suited to individual needs. Speciality: Soft, natural glamour that stays true to who you are.

Services: e.g. Hair/Makeup/trials/draping/henna etc Hair Styling, Markup Artistry, Draping

3. Nikki Arora

Name/Brand Name: Nikki Arora

Contact Form Link:

Nikki Arora has been a part of the Beauty and Wedding since 2011. She specialises in South-Asian bridal Hair and Makeup and has worked with clients for Formals, milestone events and weddings to music videos, fashion campaigns and Destination weddings.

Speciality: Bespoke Hair, Makeup & Styling Services for all occasions.

Services: Hair Styling, Makeup, Styling & Draping and Academy.

4. Shimona Makeup

Name/Brand Name: Makeup By Shimona Mobile: N/A Contact Form Link: Instagram: @makeupbyshimona Website: N/A Shimona started off watching lots of makeup tutorials when YouTube was blowing up at the age of 13. Her love for makeup manifested into experimenting with looks on friends and family. She started posting these looks to my Instagram page with no real thought and suddenly Shimona had people she didn't know requesting to do their makeup and hair for a party they had coming up on the weekend. Whilst undergoing her law degree, Shimona fell in love with glamming others on the weekends, especially seeing their happy reaction at the end of the session! That love still carries on to dates and Shimona enjoys creating natural but enhanced looks for her clients so they can feel confident but comfortable too at their special event.

Speciality: Modern, natural but enhanced, soft glam Services: e.g. Hair/Makeup/trials/draping/henna etc - Hair, Makeup, Trials, Classes 

5. Aditi Makeup

Name/Brand Name: Aditi Makeup

Contact Form Link: for all inquiries Instagram: @aditimakeovers_ for all client work Any other social links you have here: @aditimakeup Instagram and Tiktok

About you section: Aditi started her makeup career at the young age of 17, originally self taught, she has created many looks over the years whilst studying and working part time in corporate finance. Two years ago, she transitioned her career to be a full time, certified HMUA and entered the bridal industry. Ensuring her brides look and feel their best on their special day is something she is extremely passionate about. As an HMUA, it is important to listen to what your client wants and adapt your style to suit their preferences, she strives to do this every time. Each bride is different and every look should remain true to that. She has had the opportunity of travelling internationally for her brides to amazing destinations such as Fiji and Thailand. Aditi has also developed her skill set by taking courses in Australia and have also learned from Indian bridal experts in Canada and incorporates this within her personal style.

Speciality: Soft glam bridal Services: Bridal Hairstyling and makeup, styling services, outfit draping and bridal trials .

6. Kayah Paresha

Name / Brand Name: Kayah Parashar Hair & Makeup

Mobile: NA

Contact link: Only respond to emails -

Instagram: @kayahparashar

Kayah is a bridal hair and makeup artist based in Sydney with over 10 years of experience in glamming up South Asian brides. Her skill set and background has allowed her to specialise in all kinds of looks and techniques, and she always makes sure that every bride looks and feels flawless on their big day!

Speciality: Full bridal glam

Services: Bridal hair & makeup, dressing, saree draping

7. Shairy Jalil

Name/Brand Name: Shairy Jalil

Contact Form Link:

Instagram: @shairyjalilmua

Shairy Jalil is a professional and qualified Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist with 10+ years experience. Specialising in South-Asian Bridal, glamour, fashion and editorial makeup. Shairy’s aim is to bring out the most beautiful version of yourself whilst maintaining your natural beauty, using high end, quality products and implementing the latest in trends and techniques.

Speciality: Versatile, Modern, Soft-Glam, Bold Eyes, Skin-focussed, Glowy-Illuminated-from-within style of makeup.

Services: Bridal and non-bridal services, makeup, hair styling, dupatta styling, jewellery setting, bridal hmu trials, pre-wedding shoots, available for interstate and international bridal bookings.

8. Makeup By Shiv

Name/Brand Name: Makeup By Shiv

Contact Form Link:

Instagram: @makeupbyshiv

Makeup by Shiv is a professional and qualified Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist with 10+ years experience. Shiv has spent her career specialising predominantly in South-Asian Bridal. Her work entail a combination of soft-glam but also aim's to maintain her clients natural beauty. She works with her clients to incorporate different looks from moderate to heavy glam.

Speciality: Full South-Asian hair and makeup services, bridal, saree/South-Asian wear draping, dressing,

Services: Only Bridal services, makeup, hair styling, dupatta styling, jewellery setting, bridal hmu trials, pre-wedding shoots also available for editorial/fashion bookings.

9. Sana Hair & Makeup

Name/Brand Name: hair and makeup by sana Mobile: 0423477206 Contact email: Instagram: @sana_hairnmkup Any other social links:

Sana is an experienced Sydney based makeup artist since 2011, who specialises in bridal and celebrity makeup and hair. She has extended her passion for makeup to her clients and their needs. She strongly believes that when you feel your best you look you’re best. When Sana and her brides work together, her aim is to make your big day a little more special. Hair and makeup for Sana isn’t just about the look, it's about defining her brides with her unique techniques and skill with hair & makeup.

Speciality: South Asian Bridal looks for any bride looking to have full glam or soft natural makeup. Services: South-Asian hair and makeup, Saree draping, jewellery setting, editorial makeup, celebrity assistant makeup specialist.

10. Tanya Artistry

Name/Brand Name: Tanya Artistry Mobile: +61 433689991 Contact Form Link: Instagram: Website: We create the dream hair and makeup looks for our modern brides. We believe in giving the bride her a bespoke look based on her likings, personality and character. Speciality: Modern South Asian bride Soft Glam Bridal Full Bridal Glam Services: Hairstyling Makeup Look In depth Skin Consults with our dermal clinician Skin Product Recommendations Veil/Dupatta Styling Jewellery styling Portrait Images Touch ups Bridal Party HMU Consults & Bridal HMU Trials

Each of the above mentioned South-Asian Hair & Makeup artists I have worked extensively over the years and have had highly positive reviews from each of my wedding clients. Mention you found them from this blog, and see what hair and makeup artist is the right fit for you and your wedding day.

Good luck!

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